SHHH is an onomatopoeic term which needs no translation; a response to how we are silencing vulnerable island and coastline cultures around the world. The ocean levels are predicted to rise 6 feet in the coming 30-50 years – forcing worldwide migration of small linguistic communities resulting in the extinction of over 7000 languages by the end of the century.

SHHH is as importantly a call to action for us to pay attention- to listening to our surroundings and in that silence begin to change our behaviors.

SHHH stands as a monument, a voice, a sign. The individual letters stand 7 feet tall from the ground. Their facade is covered with 1,800 golden acrylic mirrors conversing with the wind and light swaying back and forth, in constant chatter with its surroundings.

As an artist who works with borders and borderlands, this is one of the most catastrophic borders; the line between land and sea – one that is silently and dangerously shifting.