Troka Troka

Cultural Equity Grantee Ana Teresa Fernandez’s Troka Troka was selected as one of the 50 Best Public Art Projects by Americans for the Arts. Troka Troka is a project funded by with the Art and Community; Innovative Partnership Grant. Troka Troka or “nomadic swaying beasts” are an unidentified community of recycling-vehicles, home-spun by immigrant laborers that navigate the side streets collecting massive amounts of society’s thrown away cardboard and metal, then taking the discarded to different recycle points in the Bay Area. Troka Troka revitalized and customize these torn-down vehicles into colorful public works of art, highlighting the ingenuity and beauty of their labor that is imperative to our urban eco system. Fernandez states “My intent is to introduce this international and cultural phenomenon to the Bay Area, creating a hide and seek excitement with their sightings around the Bay, shining light on the undervalued service they provide to the community.” Justine Topher (San Francisco Arts Commission Public Art Manager)